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D.O.G Miami

Enhance your dog’s health and quality of life. Provide your dog with the proper care and training he deserves. Our luxurious accommodations will make him feel right at home.

At D.O.G. we understand that when you get home from work everyday, you are exhausted and just want to kick back and relax before bed. However, if you have a dog that sat at home all day cooped up and waiting for you to return, you can’t, because your dog needs a walk and some attention and play. With that in mind, we founded D.O.G. for you and your pet to each lead happy and healthy lives together, so come and open a membership with us and experience all the wonders for your dog that we have to offer.

How to Get Started Checklist!

  • Fill out the Client Application Form & Agreement Form listed under the ‘Forms’ tab.
  • Verify that your dog’s vaccines are up to date.
  • Call us at (786) 391-0839 or visit us to book your grooming or boarding reservations.
  • Have the forms, vaccines and your dog ready for drop off.
  • Be prepared to receive a lot of love and appreciation from your dog when you come to pick him/her up!


  • All dogs must be current for the following vaccinations:  Rabies, DHPP, & Bordetella.
    (Titers accepted in lieu of the DHPP vaccine)
  • Females over 7 months of age must be spayed.
    (We understand you may want to wait to spay your dog but for safety reasons we are unable to accept them.)
  • Males over the age of 7 months who are intact (not neutered) will be charged a daily $4 fee.
  • Dogs with anxieties or other temperament problems must take our Temperament Test before being accepted into daycare.

D.O.G. will be closed to the public on the following holidays:

  • President’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Day



So Why D.O.G?

  • Best Service & Care For Your Pet In South Florida
  • The Only Indoor Dog Park Facility In Miami
  • Convenient Full Pet Services Under One Roof
  • Only One Low Membership Price!